Frequently Asked Questions


Does Picnic Time sell directly to the public?

Picnic Time is strictly a wholesaler and manufacturer of the world's finest picnic products. To find a Picnic Time online vendor, Click Here.

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Where can I find a retailer that sells Picnic Time products?

To find a Picnic Time dealer nearest you, email and let us know your postal zip code. To find an online vendor, Click Here.

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Can Picnic Time produce custom products?

Many of our stock products can be decorated with your company's or client's logo. For larger volume orders, we can create custom styles to meet your needs.

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Is Picnic Time a member of the Fair Labor Association?

Yes. The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB657) was designed to provide consumers with the information to make informed purchasing decisions regarding the products they buy and the companies and brands they support. For complete details on the Bill, the Fair Labor Association, and Picnic Time's participation, Click Here.

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How long does the food stay hot/cold?

Many of our items include ThermoGuard insulation. Our Thermoguard insulation keeps your food at the proper temperature for 5-8 hours depending on the outside temperature. Separate hot/cold packs are also available to keep your perishables fresh longer.

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Can I use ice in my insulated cooler?

Although many of our products have waterproof or water-resistant liners, we do not suggest you use ice to keep items cool. We recommend you use gel ice packs. They are cleaner, cooler and more practical as they keep food dry and are reusable.

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How can I order spare or replacement parts?

Call our customer service line and one of our staff will assist you in finding a retailer who stocks the item you need.

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Are Picnic Time products safe?

Picnic Time products comply with all state and federal environmental laws including proposition 65 and do not contain unsafe levels of any chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. All products that contain PVC such as waterproof linings or backings contain minimal amounts of lead that are non-transferable and are undetectable by surface testing methods. In independent lab tests, our waterproof linings were found to contain lead but at levels far below the 300 parts per million that would be considered a health risk. Picnic Time is committed to providing safe, durable, and environmentally responsible products. We are actively developing new materials to replace PVC in the near future.

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How should I wash my Picnic Time products?

Care instructions are included at the end of each product's page on this website.

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There is a SAFE SEAL symbol on the packaging of the product I purchased. What does this mean?

The Safe Seal symbol signifies that materials used to manufacture a product comply with testing protocols established by Picnic Time to ensure product safety in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

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There is a THERMOGUARD symbol on the packaging of the product I purchased. What does this mean?

The ThermoGuard symbol signifies that a product contains foam insulation.

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There is an ECO-FRIENDLY symbol on the packaging of the product I purchased. What does this mean?

The Eco-friendly symbol signifies that a product is comprised of a natural material considered to be fast-growing and biodegradable or a renewable resource.

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